Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our patients and their family members have questions about our practice and services.  We welcome these questions and are glad to provide you with answers to a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

If you don’t see your question listed below, please contact us.

Do you accept Medicare?
Yes, we are a proud participant of Medicare for doctor’s visits. We will bill your insurance company for you, whether that is Medicare or private insurance – alleviating the hassle and stress for you.

Does my insurance cover house calls and home health care?
Most likely, Yes. Medicare Part B does cover house call visits. There are many different private insurance plans and many of them do cover our services. Please give us a call with your specific plan information and we would be happy to check on the eligibility of your insurance. (314) 809-6655

I am the caregiver for a homebound or disabled patient in your practice – can I use your services?
Most likely, Yes. Many insurance companies including Medicare recognize that the primary caregiver of a homebound patient may also have difficulty leaving the home to receive medical care – in those instances, we may provide home medical services to you as well.  This helps alleviate some of the stresses and concerns that come with caring for a homebound patient. Please contact us and we will check your specific eligibility.

Do you see patients in the hospital?
We currently do not see our patients in the hospital setting. Communicare is designed as a house call practice, exclusively serving patients in their homes.  This allows us to concentrate our resources on providing the best possible care to our patients in the comfort of their home; and allows the hospital to serve as the provider of urgent care.

In the event that one of our patients requires hospitalization, we will work with the hospitalist group at the hospital of their choice to ensure our patients are well cared for. In addition, we send our detailed medical charts to the hospital upon your request and according to privacy practices.  Upon discharge, we obtain the hospital records and lab results; then, we update our medical staff and resume home care services.

Do you see patients in your office?
No, we do not. Communicare specializes in physician house calls. We focus on patients who are unable to leave their homes and patients that prefer the privacy of a physician house call for other reasons.

Are you accepting new patients?
Yes, please call us at (314) 752-8900.

We will contact you to finalize the process and schedule our initial appointment.

Reminder: In the event of a medical emergency dial 911.