How To Transfer Services to CommuniCare


Patients who want to transfer their services to CommuniCare services must first call 314-809-6655 and let us know they are interested in gaining our services.

  • They will be asked if they have Medicaid and to give me their DCN# and then they must call 314-340-7300 and let them know they are looking to change from their original services to CCE’s services.
  • The sooner they make the call, the faster the change can begin.
  • The clients must state they want to get CCE’s home care services and the change can start in around 7 days.
  • After the client makes the call, they will call us and put the client’s care plan into the Cyber Access system which shows the date they have been switched to CCE.
  • The client will then meet with CommuniCare’s Director and complete an Admission application for their file.
  • If they have a caregiver coming with them, the staff will fill out an employee’s application
  • The staff will submit following copies;
    • State ID-current identification of staff
    • Social Security Card.
  • A background check is performed, that included:
    • FCSR-Family Care Safety Registry
    • EDL-Employment Disqualification List- This is to see if the staff has been put on the Missouri Disqualification List for any acts of abuse or neglect towards clients.
    • Attorney General-OIG-Provides information whether they have different last names other than their maiden name
    • E-Verify- are they eligible to work as a legal citizen


If you have never received home health care services, a referral home health assessment will be taken and then called into State to see if you qualify for home services. If you qualify, an appointment for a home visit will be schedule by State and then approved units per month will be determined. Afterwards, you and CommuniCare will be notified about your home care services and a start date will be acknowledged. You will meet with CommuniCare’s Director with your staff, or a staff will be hired by you and CommuniCare.

  • When the staff is ready to start performing services to the client, the client and staff will agree on what days and hours to work a week that equals the amount of Medicaid hours per units per month.
  • A file is made for both the client and staff


If it is determined you need a home services, your home services worker will be an educated individual who assists you in your home.

Things you can expect:

  1. This home services agency employs both male and female workers over 18 years old.
  2. The number of visits per week is determined after the Administrative Supervisor makes an assessment of your needs and meets with you to discuss services.
  3. The Administrative Supervisor or designee will write a service plan specific to your needs and a copy will stay in your home folder.
  4. To assure proper service is being given, the home service worker is supervised by an Agency representative. If at any time a problem arises concerning your worker, such as the services being provided, please call and ask for the Supervisor or the Agency Manager.
  5. Every effort will be made to provide consistent assignment of staff to your service. However, other work schedules and personal needs of the Agency may create the need for a replacement.